Kids Or Crazy But These Memes are Hilarious - LOL WHY


Probably because it's for newborns. Stupid🤣 Not for kids that actually know how to hold there head up


  1. Posted by darby_lambert, — Reply

    Fr tho what are these things called every time we go somewhere and my brothers are asleep their heads fall down and I have to put it back up every two seconds

  2. Posted by CelinaElise05, — Reply

    💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 These r so dangerous!!! Don't use them on your babies!! If u get in a car crash their head can't move and their necks can break from the impact!!!!!

  3. Posted by alphababy, — Reply

    It’s. it fitted properly, looks like someone attached it to the seatbelt instead of around the headrest or top of car seat like it’s meant to be, that’s just dangerous

  4. Posted by johnescolero1, — Reply

    I love it when my head rolls around is so fun cuz round and round and round you go where your head will land nobody knows But then my mom bought me something like this cuz she was worried about my neck but this would happen it was hilarious 😂😂😂

  5. Posted by Beautiful_Tay, — Reply

    This picture had me rollin😂😭

  6. Posted by lemonjuice420, — Reply

    She is clearly too big for it

  7. Posted by CaseyBabee, — Reply

    um why would her head be rolling around on the road in the first place 🤔

  8. Posted by lovepeacehope90, — Reply

    I feel like this could be a choking hazard

  9. Posted by phoneadog, — Reply

    is it just me or did you do this with the seat belt anyway

  10. Posted by erzascarlet52005, — Reply

    thess white girls i stg 😂 (im kidding, dont drag me)

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